Allow AI to lead the conversational aspects of your business

Full-scale solutions meant for long term success

Intelligent Call Routing

Add AI logic to your calling worflows in order to accurately route callers based on intent, history, and sentiment among many other parameters.

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Next-Gen Customer Support

Boost productivity and avoid mundane interactions by implementing self-service AI virtual agents that can lead customer support activities.

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Obtain customer and employee feedback through convenient and engaging conversational interactions.

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Delivery Status Updates

Track and notify customers on the status of their deliveries. Give them the necessary updates they need to follow progess pertaining to their shipments.

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Ad Success Tracking

Use conversational interactions to measure the success of your marketing campaigns. Update your marketing spend in a way that focuses your budget to ads that are performing.

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Ordering & Reservations

Allow AI virtual agents to collect order and reservations details freeing up your staff's time while always attending to customers.

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Alerts & Notifications

Send the necessary alerts to your customers and employees on the most engaging channels. Notify them of any updates and critical matters relating to your business.

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Natural Events

Do you have a communication strategy in place for the next natural event? Rely on AI virtual agents to absorb mass call volume and log caller concerns so to have them addressed at the first opportunity.

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Workforce Engagement

Automate the handling of all employee requests with AI conversational workflows. From surveys to scheduling, make it easier to capture and track all requests.

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Designed to improve efficiency

Answering your customers and your employees across the more common communication channels should be simple. Add Artificial Intelligence (AI) to these channels and offer human-like responses around the clock.

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Reduce the amount of time that your agents are spending answering the same questions. Boost agent productivity through self-service AI virtual agents that can lead customer support activities.

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Roll out an AI solution that will handle the common conversational requests while intelligently routing the more complex requests to your staff.

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Effective marketing. Cart abandonment notifications. Experience reviews. Through conversational AI, you can truly drive the customer journey while boosting loyalty.

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Begin providing conversational AI solutions to existing customers. Find out how AI can complement UCaaS, SIP, as well as collaboration deployments.

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Enable effective engagement at your company so that your employees can spend less time submitting requests. Offer a seamless experience built on integration, AI, and automation.

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Proactively alert your customers for any changes relating to their itinerary. Let AI guide customers to book, reschedule, or change any details of their trip. Now available for WhatsApp as well.

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Order confirmation. Delivery notifications. Last minute delays. Process returns. Automate all aspects of ordering and delivery with AI.

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Automate claim processing with a personalized conversational interaction solution that is meant to add value to your client relationships while boosting overall loyalty.

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Let Conversational AI guide event goers towards a memorable experience. From helping with directions inside venues to providing general notifications about their event, AI can help with that.

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